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“Prodigy gained its distinctive flair from a now-forgotten graphical protocol called North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax, or NAPLPS for short. NAPLPS was a product of the brief Teletext era of the late 1970s, when TV networks sought to piggyback extra digital information such as weather forecasts or sports scores using something called the “vertical blanking interval” of a TV broadcast signal. The vertical blanking interval could only hold a small amount of data, so engineers devised a way to present digital color graphics and text in the most economical way possible. NAPLPS did this by reducing an image into a set of mathematical instructions (i.e. “draw an oval at this location and fill it with blue”) instead of storing data on every pixel in a bitmap image like JPEG or GIF files do today.”
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[How to mend nets] (by UBC Library Digitization Centre)

[How to mend nets] (by UBC Library Digitization Centre)

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Repeat (by Helen Frank)

(projected onto reams of paper)

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